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There are a few things the homeowner will need to complete before our arrival and plan for during the process:

1- Remove all furniture (unless elected for us to move with extra cost for furniture removal and moving furniture back in).

2- Cover drapes or remove drapes (if you elect to).

3- Remove pictures or breakable items from the walls due to machine vibration, which could cause items to move and break.

4- Clear access to the dryer outlet and main electrical panel box (need 220v plugin).

5- Safely secure all pets in an area away from work area.

6- No traffic on floor during process and between coats of oil-base polyurethane.

Light traffic/sock feet traffic is acceptable on water-base finished floors between coats and last coat.  Do not place furniture on floor for 24 hours.

Here are recommended cleaners that are safe for polyurethane floors and are recommended by the NWFA (Nationa Wood Floor Association):


1- PolyCare-   (We used this great smelling  product and love the way it makes all floors look.)


2- Bona Wood Floor Cleaner-   (We also used this product.  It has a mild fragrance, it's very safe to use on floors  and makes all floors gleam as well.)


3- Basic Coating- Squeaky Wood Floor Cleaner-  (We also used this product, made for polyurethane floors.  We recommend this for high traffic areas for a clean finish.)  



All of these products are used with a Micro Fiber Mop because it's soft, moves the product evenly, and cleans very well.

After-care of your floors

Here is what to expect during refinishing process:


Carpet removal (if elected for us to do) - Before sanding, all nails are removed or set below the floor surface.  Any repairs that may be necessary are also made at this time.  The floor is then thoroughly vacuumed to remove any debris.



The hardwood floors are sanded with a course and/or medium grit sandpaper using a drum sander, an edger and, if there are radiators, a radiator machine. The sanding process is completed using a fine grit sandpaper.  Edges and corners are scraped by hand to remove any remaining finish or machine marks. Floors are then buffed with a fine screen on a buffer . The sanded floor is then vacuumed thoroughly.



After the vacuuming, the floor is coated with stain or penetrating sealer which hardens the wood surface, protects the wood floor from water, dirt and stains and provides a suitable base for the polyurethane finish. When floors are to be stained, the homeowner should ideally be available to confirm the color of the stain before the stain is applied to the entire floor. The following day, the hardwood floors are lightly buffed, thoroughly vacuumed, and the first coat of polyurethane finish is applied.  This process is repeated two more times to achieve a three coat of finish system.

During periods of high humidity, extra time will be needed between coats may be required to ensure proper drying. This may extend the time required particularly in the summer months or in rainy weather. Adequate ventilation not only enhances drying, it also prevents the build-up of the fumes.




    1- Hardwood floors finished with an oil-based polyurethane are usually dry enough to walk on in a day, however, the finish remains quite soft.  In the first week, the finish cures or hardens significantly and can continue to cure for a month. Special attention to the care of your new floor should be taken during the first month period to avoid damaging the finish before it is fully hardened.


    2- Hardwood floors finished with a water-based polyurethane are usually dry enough to walk on in only a few hours.  This type of finish continues to cure for up to one week.  Special care should be taken during this time.


Other things not recommended for use on polyurethane hardwood floors-


Steam Cleaner- Hot Steam is never safe or recommended for wood floors.


PineSol, Windex, Swiffer Wet (any household cleaners)- Never use due to the antibacterial ingredients.


Murphy's Oil Soap-  Never recommend for floors due to its oily and soapy residue on floor and trapping dirt, causing breakdown of polyurethane.


Never use any product(s) with wax, oil or shine ingredients- Products such as Pledge products will break your polyurethane down - also, never use products with alcohol or vinegar as this will break your finish down as well.


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